On August 19th, 1944, in the Year of the Monkey,
a baby boy was born in Shanghai, China. Children born in the
Year of the Monkey are supposed to have success in any field they try.
Given the vote on the Coliseum, we weren't sure if this was a birthday our Monkey
would want to celebrate. But now that the vote is out of the way, the other contenders
are not holding back. Barclay's Center wants the Islanders. Queens wants them at Citi Field.
(We vote for that! The Willets Point Lighthouse, a stone's throw from Flushing. Oh, definitely!)
Besides, at SBU we still have lots of reasons to celebrate even if Nassau residents don't.
This summer an SBU student even designed an origami Wang Center with its Tower to Heaven!
Out of business cards no less! Check it out Charles! Now if that isn't a great birthday gift - what is?

Origami Heaven 2011 design by SBU Alumnus Robert Ribaudo

We Hope Your 67th Birthday
Was As Great As the Gift You Gave Us!


And to everyone else -
enjoy his gift to the campus of the

Architect: P.H. Tuan   

Charles B. Wang Asian American Center


CB Wang Center - PH Tuan Photo Contest 2011 entry by Ezra Margono

As we've suggested each year
As you sit gazing at the reflection
of the red garden gates in the pond
with bamboo walls rustling around you
in the summer breeze, the
tower to heaven
pagoda reflecting humanity's unity above you

Blow Charles a birthday kiss, make a wish he'll have
many more to come, and whisper a thank you to him too!

Thank you Charles!
The AA E-Zine

Former SBU AA E-Zine Editors Maria Ng and Mai Luong with Charles Wang   


And now back to
the on hiatus summer
AA E-Zine