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09 April 09: Dr. Bin Tang, SBU '07, gave a talk at the School of Computer Science, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, Sichuan, as the guest of Dr. Hongguang Fu, SBU AIMP '99 - China V. Here is an article about their meeting. Fu can be reached at or Tang at

21 March 09: About 40 alumni from AIMP meet for dinner in Beijing with Dr. Teng. We are awaiting photos from Wang Ge from the event.

21 March 09: Dr. Teng will be in China and would like to have dinner with everyone in the Beijing area on 3/21. WANG Ge from China II is putting it together and welcomes everyone to join them. Make your reservation by email to, or call his cell, 13501105553.

1 July 09: SBU has a new President, Dr. Sam Stanley, and his wife is Chinese American, Dr. Ellen Li. Her parents are from Shanghai. When everything settles down we will try to arrange an AIMP CEAS reunion with Dr. Li, hopefully in time for the 10th anniversary of the last group in AIMP to come to the US. Joining the SB crew will be Dr. Kelvin Willoughby, now with Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand, and hopefully everyone else can make it too! Once he settles in and the fiscal crisis affecting the University allows a reunion to happen, everyone will be notified. There will be smaller gatherings in China - see notices above - until then. 

25 July 08: Jack Chuanjie Song was runner #142 in the Olympic Torch Relay in Jinan, Shandong. You can see photos of him at the StonyBrookChina Yahoo group, or on the SBU AA E-Zine photo gallery at, or at Jack's blog

May 08: Sarah Liu Xinhua was an Olympic Torch Relay Buddy who accompanied Indonesian Torch runner Muli when he ran in Fujian Longyan and on his trip to Beijing. In an exchange program she spent a week in Jakarta. Sara is a market analyst for BHP Billiton, the Olympic sponsor that will provide the medals. BHP had ten Olympic torchbearers from their global operations.

8 Feb 08: SONG Chuanjie, known as Jack to everyone in China V, will be one of the torchbearers when it passes through Jinan on July 27th. The torch theme is "Light the Passion, Share the Dream."

28 Jan 08: Yunfan Wang, who goes by the name of Katherine, started her first day of classes. Her father is WANG Zhiwen from China V. She became the first child of any China alumni to become a Stony Brook University student. She said she loves her classes. She came in September to attend IEC, the Intensive English Center, and placed so high in the exam she was put in the top class. If she passed her classes she was guaranteed admission to SBU - and of course she did!

Here are photos of her at different events. She met President Kenny at the Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner where the first Chinese American was honored; her graduation from IEC; and decorating her first Christmas tree.

DAA Dinner: This is an article with links to all the photos and video. The video begins with Dean of Engineering Yacov Shamash giving the award to Wai Lam. Yunfan is the third from the left. There is also a photo album with more pictures.

IEC Graduation: Yunfan is bottom row, second from left. Dean of International Academic Programs Bill Arens, on the far right, gave them their acceptance letters to SBU.

Christmas: Yunfan is with the girls who decorated, top row middle.

January 08: Charles Wang, who created AIMP, the first China program at SBU, as owner of the NY Islanders National Hockey team, has created a high school program with students from China known as Project Hope. Besides scholarships to attend high schools in the US, he is building ice rinks and youth hockey teams in China. In January he brought the Harbin and Qiqihar teams to Long Island for the Lighthouse Tournament, an international competition against an American team and a team from Finland.

Summer 07: Bohua Kou, who goes by the name of Henry, is a high school student at St. Andrew's Sewanee HS in Tennessee. He spent the summer at Stony Brook auditing classes and studying for the TOEFL. His father is KOU Fuping from China V.  Although with auditing Bohua was not an official student, he still took all the exams and he would have gotten an A in Intro Chemistry, one of SB's more difficult classes. And he passed his TOEFL exam with flying colors! Here he is in an article he wrote about a bike trip he took.

27 Oct 06: Alumni from Guangzhou and neighboring cities will have dinner with Associate Dean of SBU Admissions Jiuhua Chen on Friday evening at 6:30pm. Due to the Canton Fair, the original venue has been changed. The restaurant is the Guang Dong Ren Jia (opposite HuaWeiDa Hotel), Room 218, No 688, HuangPu Da Dao Lu, Tianhe (020-85511182 / 85516008). Contact HU Haitao for details: (M)8613322818011; Email: or 

26 Oct 06: SB China Events photo gallery has been updated with photos of Shanghai Oct 06 dinner. An article on the two dinners went out on the SBU AA E-Zine:

22 Oct 06: Shanghai alumni will have dinner with Dean Jiuhua CHEN. Contact GU Yong for details.  (M)13301958839  /   Email:

16-20 Oct 06: WANG Mingyang of Sunyard Sunsourcing will be in NYC for Outsource World 2006 Conference and Exhibition. Contact him at bofanwang @

14 Oct 06: Photo galleries have been updated with photo of Beijing Oct 06 dinner and individual profiles. 

13 Oct 06: Beijing alumni will have dinner with Associate Dean of SBU Admissions Jiuhua Chen. The restaurant is SPhoto Gallery and General Info on Individual Alumni
an1ge4gui4zhou1ren2 near Yong'anli subway station; (3 Guizhounese); Guizhou is a province in the westsouth of China. Map:
or contact WANG Shanshan for details: (M) 13501282110; Email:
MSN: (only for MSN, not for email)

Oct-Nov 06: SBU Senior International Admissions Counselor Stav Boutsis will be traveling throughout Asia. At certain education fairs in China, alumni will be helping her out. Her schedule is

Oct-Nov 06: SBU Associate Dean of Admissions Jiuhua Chen will be traveling throughout China. Alumni will be helping him out at some of the education fairs. His schedule is on the calendar of the StonyBrookChina Yahoo Group, which you must join to be able to see.

Note: Dr. Chen has been replaced by Dr. Yu-wan Wang
Jiuhua Chen, Associate Dean of Admissions, China Recruitment

Photo Gallery and General Info on Individual Alumni

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