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China Blue


China Blue


     Our mission is to serve the Chinese American and Chinese international students, scholars and residents, and anyone else in the community interested in knowing about Chinese culture. China Blue produces a weekly live radio show on  WUSB, Stony Brook 90.1 FM, educating the campus community about recent issues regarding the Chinese community and upcoming events. Due to the multilingual aspect of Chinese dialects, the show alternates between Cantonese and Mandarin on a weekly basis. Audiences are encouraged to express their opinions by calling in when the show is airing.
     China Blue produces or cosponsors a number of widely attended events each year including Autumn Fest, New Year Fest, Singing Contest, and Spring Semi-formal. China Blue partners with affiliated clubs addressing cultural awareness and appreciation. We serve as a communication bridge between audiences and these other organizations, and clubs affiliated with China Blue have the advantage of promoting and marketing through our show.
     For 2010, China Blue will also be expanding to produce videos to be shown online and at events.
     Anyone interested in being a DJ announcer, radio/video technician, or cast member, please email us.




Tuesdays @ 7:00-8:30pm
SAC 302
First General Meeting announced at start of each semester on WUSB, Facebook & AA E-Zine

Radio Show
Sundays @ 7PM
WUSB 90.1 FM



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2010-11 E-Board & Cabinet
President: Thomas Su
Vice President: Daniel Guo
Treasurer: Mei Xue
Secretary: Maggie Mac
DJ Team Leader: Ricky (Liqi) Liang
Event Coordinator: Crystal Lee
Webmaster: Hui Wang
Photographer: Brian Loo
DV Team Leaders: Susie Moy and Daniel Guo
Public Relations: Denny Yeung




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