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Charles B. Wang
Asian/Asian American Center
Before this website was hacked, this page contained many links. Hopefully
someday it will again. In dismay that we could not replace them all, we left
this folder empty for too long. That was a mistake. We came to realize that
it at least needed to have the Guidebook below. The concepts behind the
Wang Center architecture - its pagoda Tower to Heaven, its Imperial
Gate and Bridge taking you from West to East, its Great Wall, and so much
more - are all fascinating and deepen your appreciation of the building. 

Wang Center Guidebook
2007 (with 2012 Updates)

This version of the Guide was published for the 5th anniversary party of those involved in its planning and construction.

It is a photographic journal describing the architectural meaning and philosophy behind the design of the building by the architect, PH Tuan.

The urls in it were updated in 2012.

Click on photo or link above. It's a big .pdf and may take awhile to open if you are not on a high speed connection.

Official Wang Center website for listings of programming and events

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