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Meeting Dates/Times: May 25-27, 2012 (date subject to change)
Meeting Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China 
General Information:

AIMP 15th Anniversary Reunion - the first one-city only, all-weekend reunion, with teachers from AIMP and special guests coming to China.



June 26, 2011: Liu Ciru, aka Sysea, Qingdao Alumni Chapter Chair, along with newly graduated WANG Yunfan and current student YU Yue, attended the Qingdao Education Fair to talk to prospective students about Stony Brook. Click here to read an article about what they did.

May 25, 2011: WANG Yunfan was the first child of a SB China alumnus to graduate from SB. She is the daughter of WANG Zhiwen, CEAS AIMP '99-China V. She had a double major in Applied Math and Business and will be continuing her graduate studies in Applied Math.  

April 27, 2011: LIU Ciru, known as Sysea, will be the Qingdao Alumni Chapter Chair and Shandong Alumni Chapter Co-chair. Sysea was a member of AIMP China V. She is Marketing Director for China Telecom, Qingdao, and owner of Damei Center, a college prep center in Qingdao. She has already helped Dr. WANG Yu-wan with recruiting for SB, hosting a luncheon with key media figures and high school principals, followed by a parents get together. Click here to see a newspaper clipping of the first event.

April 22, 2011: President Samuel Stanley and his wife, Dr. Ellen Li, hosted a reception for alumni at the Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai from 6-8pm. Over 30 alumni turned out for an exciting evening reuniting with old friends, making new ones, and meeting the Stanley's. Once again Dr. Stanley was impressed with the accomplishments of so many alumni he got to meet. See Photo Galleries below.

April 22, 2011: GU Yong, President of SHETMIL and China Chapter Co-Chair, hosted an AIMP post reception dinner with fine teas - including 30 year old pu'er! - at the Nan Xiang Ming Cha (teahouse) on Xiang Yang Lu South in the Luwan District. See Photo Galleries below.

April 16, 2011: President Samuel Stanley and his wife, Dr. Ellen Li, hosted a reception for alumni at the Ritz Carlton Financial Street, Beijing from 8-10pm. Over 60 alumni turned out for an exciting evening reuniting with old friends, making new ones, and meeting the Stanley's. Dr. Stanley was impressed with the accomplishments of so many alumni he got to meet. See Photo Galleries below.

April 16, 2011: WANG Ge, President of OSIC, hosted an AIMP dinner in Beijing at Xiao Nan Guo in the China Life Center on Financial Street just prior to the reception with President Stanley. VP Deborah Lowen-Klein was the guest of honor and China II, IV and V turned it into their own mini-reunions.  See Photo Galleries below.

April 14-April 27, 2011: AIMP Reunions were held in Beijing (4/15-17), Linyi (4/19-20), Qingdao (4/21-22), Nanjing (4/23-24), Shanghai (4/24-25), and Hangzhou (4/26-4/27) and everyone had a wonderful time reconnecting again. See Photo Galleries below.

April 4-April 21, 2011: Dr. WANG Yu-wan, Dean of International Admissions, met with alumni and attended college fairs and schools, meeting with potential students for the new high school Explore Stony Brook program she created (see News below). She visited Beijing, Chengdu, Guilin, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Nanning, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Wenzhou. Click here to see a newspaper clipping from an event in Qingdao.         

March 2011: Explore Stony Brook Summer Camp: A program to bring international high school students to Stony Brook this coming summer was approved by the University. In 1999 China V AIMP said SB needed to do it and when Dean Yu-wan Wang came to SB in 2009, she realized the same thing. She designed one and a pilot will begin this summer. 

March 2011: Spreading the Word About the President's April Receptions in China: A SB Chinese faculty member said the belief is that SB has the second largest number of alumni in China of all American universities. This trip will be the University's first major attempt to find our alumni. If you know of any organizations where SB alumni can be reached, please use the University flyer on the link below to distribute the word. Ruiqin Miao, for example, is contacting SORSA, the Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association, and the Shanghai Bo Ai He Xie Club. 

Nov 2010: Asian Games Alumni Reunion: AIMP China V alumni met at the Asian Games in Guangzhou as guests of Meng Lin.

Oct 30, 2010: Shanghai Alumni Reunion at the Hyatt on the Bund was cancelled when Dr. Stanley's father was taken ill and hospitalized.

Oct 23-Oct 30, 2010: AIMP & SB China Alumni Reunions were held in Beijing (10/21), Jinan (10/23), Qingdao  (10/24), Nanjing (10/27), and Shanghai (10/28, 10/30) and everyone had a wonderful time reconnecting. AIMP China IV has never had a reunion so that is one thing we plan to work on. See Photo Galleries below.

Oct 23, 2010: Beijing Alumni Reunion at the Grand Hotel was cancelled when Dr. Stanley's father was taken ill and hospitalized.

Sept 19, 2010: YING Tee Lek, known as Tek, has joined GU Yong and MIAO Ruiqin as a Shanghai Chapter Co-chair. While he was an undergrad at Stony Brook, Tek was the Photography Editor for Statesman. He is currently the Academic Director of ELS American Education Center, located in the historic mayor of Shanghai's residence in the beautiful old French Concession.

Sept 16, 2010: Dr. MIAO Ruiqin has joined GU Yong as Shanghai Chapter Co-chair. A PhD graduate of SB, she graduated in 2005 and is now an Associate Professor of Linguistics at the School of Foreign Languages, Jiao Da. She is greatly looking forward to finding other alumni who were graduate students at SBU too. We are trying to find additional co-chairs in Beijing to join with WANG Shanshan and ZHANG Jinyan who were undergraduate and graduate students at SBU too.

May 2010:
There were great reunions in Beijing and Guangzhou and as soon as we can figure out how to open Ted Teng's albums, we'll post the photos.

27 May 2010: Dr. Ted Teng, CEAS, was in Beijing and WANG Ge arranged an alumni dinner party.
Wang Ge: 地点:岳麓山屋(工体西路店)
地址: 朝阳区工体西路吉庆里1号楼(工体100对面路口内50米)
电话: 010-65510806

28 & 29 May 2010: Dr. Ted Teng, CEAS, was in Guangzhou and MENG Lin and LIAO Jing arranged dinner on 5/28 at 六合茶居 on the Pearl Riverside and golf on the morning of 5/29.
Meng Lin
simon@chinaweal.comLiao Jing:

May 2010:
Congratulations to HU Haitao, CEAS AIMP-China V alumnus. His son, Ken Diyuan Hu,  graduated from IEC which meant he was automatically accepted into Stony Book. In the Fall he will be a freshman Applied Math major. Photos and article coming soon.

March 2010: On March 21, Shanghai alumni met and had dinner with Dr. Yu-Wan Wang, Associate Dean of International Admissions. Those who attended were GU Yong, MIAO Ruiqin, SHANG Dan, XU Guoqun, and ZHANG Yongchun. Dinner info is at link below. Photo is in Photo Galleries below.

March 2010: Dr. Yu-wan Wang's original schedule to interview students interested in coming to SB: 3/29-4/1 Shanghai, 4/1 Nantong, 4/2-4/4 Suzhou, 4/4-4/6 Nanjing, 4/6-4/8 Hangzhou, 4/8-4/9 Shanghai and back to NY.  Some cities were reversed because many more than the 200 who wanted to meet her came to the fairs.

February 2010:
Congratulations to WANG Ge, CEAS AIMP-China II alumnus. In December he was named President of OSIC, one of the largest import/export companies in China. Article at

February 2010: Stony Brook has a new Associate Dean for International Admissions, Dr. Yu-wan Wang. She has been here for about a year but her hiring was not publicly announced. She can be reached at 631 632 6864 or by email at Stav Boutsis still visits China to recruit students and handles their applications.

Jan 2010: Hu Haitao, SBU AIMP '99-China V brought his son Ken to start school at SBU. Ken is now the 2nd child of a China alumn to attend SBU. Ken is in IEC for the Spring. He scored so high on his entrance exam he was placed in the advanced group. Photos from the Hu's visit are at

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Title Contact Person Phone E-mail
Co-Chair SBU China Alumni  GU Yong  (M)13301958839
Co-Chair SBU China Alumni  WANG Shanshan  (M)13501282110  
Co-Chair, Beijing Chapter  WANG Shanshan  (M)13501282110 
Co-Chair, Beijing Chapter  ZHANG Jingyan 
Chair, Guangzhou Chapter HU Haitao /
Henry Hu 
Chair, Qingdao Chapter  LIU Ciru / Sysea Liu (M)13355322917
Co-Chair, Shanghai Chapter  GU Yong  (M)13301958839
Co-Chair, Shanghai Chapter  Dr. MIAO Ruiqin (M)13641982171
Co-Chair, Shanghai Chapter  YING Tee Lek (M)15900939233
AA E-Zine, Alumni Editor  Ja / JoAnne Young  (M)631 831 6062 
CEAS, Asst. to Dean (retired) Marion Mastauskas    mmastauskas@
SB Int'l Admissions, Dean  Dr. WANG Yu-wan  (O)631 632 6864
(M)13951671729 (China only)
SB Alumni Assoc. Alumni Relations Coordinator Janet Masini   (O)631 632 6330



China Alumni Chapter Co-Chairs: Gu Yong and Wang Shanshan

SONG Chuanjie / Jack Song


WANG Mingyang

Alumni to Alumni Connections:
Ricky Li Shows Wang Mingyang the Ropes




1st Official SB China Alumni Reunions - August 2006

SBU China Admissions Info

C.N. Yang

Charles Wang

SBU Goes Global: Chinese Undergrads

SB China Alumni Meet with Associate Dean Jiuhua Chen, October 2006
Note: Dr. Yu-wan Wang is now Associate Dean

Alumni and Students SBU Admissions Ambassadors to Qingdao, June 2011


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SONG Chuanjie
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