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Special Series

April is Asian American Awareness Month at SBU.  We continue with our special series. 
The Charles B. Wang Asian American Center

  PART 1: Who is the Charles B. Wang
Asian American Center really for?

PART 2: What is that thing atop the Wang Center?
PART 3: What can the Wang Center be used for?

Asian Am Alumni Association - aka (AA)2@SBU

  SBU Alumni OnLine I
SBU Alumni OnLine

And the University's two new scholarships, the first in Chinese Studies, and the first for student leaders in Asian American organizations.

  Shi Ming Hu Memorial Scholarships: $500 for Student Leadership / $500 for Chinese Studies.
Applications / Nominations on line now

Op Ed

* African American Takes Leadership Role in VSA
* Help NYPIRG With Your Vote!
* Thank You Stony Brook!


* Shoes for the Savvy Shopper


Islanders Make Stanley Cup Playoffs
Leafs play Goon Hockey in Game 5 and send two Islanders to the hospital but Isles come back to win 6th game and tie series 3-3.  Special
Newsday Series

UPDATE: 4/28 Isles win 5-3! Next game 30 April

 Website of the Week

V.S. Ramachandran's recent mind/brain lecture at SBU 'Action cancelled' pops up first, then offer to download Real One Player (free), or if you have high speed access and ROP, it turns on.  But you MUST have high speed (e.g., on campus) access to view.
* Previous Sites of the Week
* Permanent Websites of the Week:
Asian Week     |    Political Circus     |    SBU APA Orgs

Join the newly formed Asian Am E-Zine

Tired of not getting news and finding about events after they happen?  Be the first to know what's going on in the SBU Asian Am community as a writer, editor, photographer, web designer... No experience necessary!  Academic credit available for editorial positions.
For more info contact
Clubs and organizations:
Get your own password to put your events on the calendar! No more hoping your flyers get up - use the online calendar to spread the word. Then put your pictures in the gallery.

632-7573 | 831-6062 |


Major Events This Week

Student Polity Association - Students First  

4/23-4/26 - Polity Elections - ON LINE
VOTE YES on NYPIRG & Mandatory
Get your SOLAR ID # First

  4/24-4/25 - GSO Elections
Vote YES on Mandatory
The Center for India Studies
  4/24- Prime Time - India Studies
Library E5350 - 2:30pm - snacks, India presentation, Hindi flicks
グループの説明   4/24- Prime Time - Japanese Studies in Old Chem 143B - 3:30pm - snacks and cultural presentations


4/26- PUSO Fest - SAC Auditorium - 8pm
  4/26- Club SASA Semi-Formal - Leonards in Great Neck - in conjunction with Hofstra U



4/27- CAS - Chinese Association of Suffolk - investment / college planning seminar, 10am, Math Tower S240.  Lunch at Ying Yang.  Raffle.

Major Upcoming Events

* 5/4   - Hu Scholarship Reception - SAC - 4pm
5/4   - CHINA NIGHT - 5pm & 8pm - SAC Aud - tix on sale note - tickets usually sell out within the first two hours! and will go on sale a few days before.

5/12 - EducAsians 6th Annual Take a Break from Finals Barbecue / Farewell to Robbie, 4pm, North Physics Lawn across from Sports Complex
5/17 - (AA)2 - Leaders in Asian American Organizations Awards Ceremony and Reception immediately following the main ceremony at SBU Graduation - Harriman 260.

About Us

*  SBU's First Asian Am E-Zine: About Us
*  Name This E-Zine Contest - CASH PRIZE

23 April 2002.  Volume 1, Number 10
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Kimmie Chin
Columnists: Evelyn Shah
Contributors / Writers: Kandie Au, Helen Fu, Elizabeth Hwang, Tae Hyun Kim, Janet Lee, Lisa Kim, Jack Liu, Rose Ubarra, Jeffrey Yong
Business Manager: Sherry Ha
Tuan D. Le
Alumni / Staff Advisors / Contributors: Stanley Liang, Dawn Liu, Norm Prusslin, Paul St. Denis, Ja Young
SBU AA E-Zine is officially recognized by the Office of Student Activities at Stony Brook University.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Paul St. Denis of CELT, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, based in the Melville Library, for teaching us streaming video, and especially for his willingness to go above and beyond to make SBU a better environment for students!
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